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Macclesfield Canal in December Album

Macclesfield Canal in December

Some photos from our voyage to Whaley Bridge and back in December 2013

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This was our first time on Debdale with ice on the canal, very thin ice and one boat has been through ahead of us but still a first for us! Interesting crunchy noises as Debdale goes forward. - Location: Middlewich - Canal: Trent and Mersey Some of the duplicated locks on the long flight up to Kidsgrove have seen better days - it is a few years since anyone used this lock! - Location: Heartbreak Hill - Canal: Trent and Mersey This pair have been in use more recently and hopefully the Canal & River Trust will one day repair the lefthand chamber and bring it back into use. Having two locks side-by-side does mean that you usually find one of them in your favour. - Location: Heartbreak Hill - Canal: Trent and Mersey A classic Macclesfield bridge near Scholar Green - note the horseshoe shape. - Location: Scholar Green - Canal: Macclesfield These cattle near Congleton were happily wading into the canal to drink! - Location: Congleton - Canal: Macclesfield Lining up the bridges! Approaching bridge 69 with bridges 68 and 67 visible through the arch! - Location: Congleton area - Canal: Macclesfield The colours along the canal are superb when the sun shines. The downside is leaves in the water giving rise to that bane of autumn cruising - claggy propeller! - Location: Bridge 65 - Canal: Macclesfield The view from high up on the Dane Aqueduct in Congleton early on a bright but frosty morning. - Location: Congleton - Canal: Macclesfield The BT Tower on Sutton Common viewed from near the foot of the Bosley flight of locks. - Location: Bosley - Canal: Macclesfield The colours today are really special! This is above the Bosley locks on our way to Macclesfield. - Location: Macclesfield - Canal: Macclesfield As we approached Macclesfield in failing light we were treated to a spectacular sunset behind us. - Location: Macclesfield - Canal: Macclesfield The views from the Upper Peak Forest Canal are wonderful. This was taken near Marple. - Location: Marple - Canal: Peak Forest The views from the Peak Forest canal are spectacular for us soft southerners. This view is looking north west near Marple - a town with an excellent independent cinema. - Location: Marple - Canal: Peak Forest Loitering, awaiting going through a lifting bridge on the Peak Forest Canal. These hydraulically raised bridges take some serious winding! - Location: Marple area - Canal: Peak Forest A confusion of bridges! The bridges come thick and fast in the cutting at Congleton. - Location: Congleton - Canal: Macclesfield Sunset near Little Moreton Hall - Location: Bridge 86 - Canal: Macclesfield The canal was very full as we came down the Bosley flight and as we let water out from each lock it overfilled the pound below - here it is pouring over the top gates as we empty the lock. - Location: Bosley Locks - Canal: Macclesfield The roving bridges (called turnaround bridges locally) that transfer the towpath from one side to the other are particularly attractive on the Macclesfield Canal. - Location: Bridge 29 - Canal: Macclesfield This turnaround bridge is interesting as it is really two bridges combined. The higher section behind the high wall carries a road across the canal whilst the nearer section is the horse route crossing the canal. - Location: Brdige 43 - Canal: Macclesfield Just about to emerge from the southern portal of the Harecastle Tunnel.  - Location: Harecastle Tunnel - Canal: Trent and Mersey As we came down the Trent and Mersey south of Stone the clouds gathered behind us whilst we were in full sun. Looking back the contrast was striking. - Location: Near Weston - Canal: Trent and Mersey