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November 2012

The autumn colours in November 2012 were superb although the propeller kept getting fouled by the floating leaves!

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The canal is very leafy all the way from Great Haywood to Fradley Junction. This autumn the colours were superb and we were lucky enough to have some sunshine to bring the colours out beautifully. - Location: Near Wolsey Bridge - Canal: Trent and Mersey You would hardly credit that this was mid November, yet few other boaters around to enjoy it. They are missing a treat. - Location: Just East of Handsacre - Canal: Trent and Mersey The work at Fradley Locks gave a rare opportunity to glimpse the working of a ground paddle! - Location: Fradley - Canal: Trent and Mersey Eileen under instruction from Terry Robertson on our intensive day working to our RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman\'s Certificate. - Location: Fradley - entering  lock two - Canal: Trent and Mersey Armitage Narrows is actually a tunnel that has had its roof removed. It is tricky to navigate as it is not possible to see the other end when entering so you need to send a crew member through on foot to check the passage is clear! Walkie-talkies are handy here. - Location: Armitage Narrows - Canal: Trent and Mersey Tixhall Wide - wide indeed by narrow canal standard! Debdale is moored up at the southern end of the wide facing toward Great Haywood. This is about 30 minutes from the marina - with plenty of room to turn around so is a popular overnight and mooring place. - Location: Tixhall Wide - Canal: Staffs and Worcester Tixall Gatehouse overlooks the Wide and is all that remains of Tixall Hall. This impressive building is now owned by the Landmark Trust and is rented out as a holiday cottage. - Location: Tixall - Canal: Staffs and Worcester Tixall Wide is an amazingly wide space of water and, unusually it is deep enough to allow you to cruise anywhere.  - Location: Tixall Wide - Canal: Staffs and Worcester One of the joys of winter cruising is that there are so few boats around which means that often the surface of the canal is absolutely flat and smooth - especially if you make an early start in the morning! - Location: Near the Sow Aqueduct - Canal: Staffs and Worcester Approaching Tixall Lock on the Staffs and Worcester - Location: Tixall Lock - Canal: Staffs and Worcester A surprisingly frosty morning to wake up to at the moorings below Stone bottom lock. Ropes frozen onto the boat so departure not iminent - plenty of time to consider the meaning of \'stone cold\'! - Location: Stone - Canal: Trent and Mersey It was a \"stone\" cold morning indeed! - Location: Stone - Canal: Trent and Mersey Leaving Stone on that very frosty morning and the canal is steaming in the cold air. - Location: Stone - Canal: Trent and Mersey Leaves were a quite a problem on this stretch between Handsacre and Rugeley. They kept building up on the propellor and meant we had to clear it every mile or so by revving briefly in reverse gear. - Location: Rugeley - Canal: Trent and Mersey